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OK, so I’ve uploaded a couple of runs now…

I like it, and I like the fact that there’s a growng community behind with the coders actively seeking out improvements. I’m particularly looking forward to the ability to plot your speeds on top of the map.

They also have a nice widget, so I can show you my last run:

Anyone else who runs round Greenland Quay want to join some sort of league? I’m rubbish and need the motivation ;)

New Nike+ running site

I’m a bit of a fan of my Nike+iPod system (and the sexy lycra running gear to match, but that’s another matter…) but the only problem I’ve found is that you’re forced into using the Nike running website to store your data and graph your runs.

Firstly the Nike running site is a bit slow and flakey at the best of times, and second, what happens if they suddenly decide to do away with it? All my data is lost forever.

No longer! Some cunning soles have reverse engineered the file format the iPod stores your run data in and also integrated it with a GMaps pedometer stylee thing. You can even share your runs out with others to find and have a go at.

It’s a bit beta and although I haven’t tried it yet, it promises lots. I shall let you know how I get on.