12th hole of the week…

Not in me though, but in Steve (the boyfriend in case you’ve been too lazy to read through any of the links – you at the back, boy; pay attention). Having been phlebotomised and pricked with extract of cat for an allergy study, he’s had his dick pierced.
Yes, very much straight to the point. Having joked about it for a couple of years, things got very much more definite around yuletide when I offered to pay for it as his birthday present. Having dithered about it since then, I finally rang up the most excellent piercers Into You yesterday and booked it for him.
Off we went this evening, had an excellent piercer (a lady) who was so chatty, put you at ease, knew what she was doing, gave lots of advice – in a word – perfect. Steve was very nervous to begin with (as you would be!) but got through it (it hurts a lot – can’t imagine why…) and is now home recuperating. Worryingly he’s been told to wear panty liners in his pants to soak up any ooze, but we couldn’t bring ourselves to buy them on the way home.
Anyway, the idea is to use this blog as a sort of diary on the way to it healing up – stay tuned for more exciting episodes!

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  1. Well how nice it is to be able to get a picture of Steve’s cock onto my computer at only 10am on a Monday. Had I known about the panty liners I’d have mocked substantially more on the phone last night

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