TV show sponsorship gone mad?

I admit it, I am something of occasional murder mystery watcher – Dalziel & Pascoe, Poirot even Miss Marple can all tickle my fancy occasionally. This is how I came to be watching Midsomer Murders on the ghastly Daily Mail of TV channels (ITV).
As per usual it’s set in a tiny village which has supplied an endless stream of victims to exceptionally unusual murder scenarios. But it’s not the TV show I’m upset about, oh no. It’s the fact that this is sponsored by Leerdammer a cheese!
What on earth is going on? What can a cheese company have to gain sponsoring a TV show which readily displays blood, guts and gore? The Leerdammer company website also proudly displays their mission statement. MISSION STATEMENT FOR CHEESE?!
Ah well, I suppose at least if the objective was to get people talking about how stupid a sponsorship deal was and hence raise brand awareness, they’ve succeeded. Perhaps my friend Jay who works in the Devil’s own industry (advertising) can shed some light upon why they chose to do it. He does, after all, manage the account of a major dairy concern…

One thought on “TV show sponsorship gone mad?

  1. I have no idea, I work on yoghurt not cheese… wish I did though! Cheeses are macho, (hence the murder sponsorship I guess!)yoghurt on the other hand is just for girls!

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