I currently have a great dirth of things to talk about, so I figured I’d pick on students and in particular student finance.
Having been a student at university for four years and run up a huge debt I have a lot of sympathy for the current batch, no really, I do! I still have friends who are impoverished or even about to let themselves in for impovereshment, so please don’t have a moan at me for that.
The problem is this – there isn’t enough money to fund Universities and the increased number of students the government wants to push through them. There is a simple solution to this: DON’T SEND 100% OF YOUNG PEOPLE TO UNIVERSITY.
This isn’t because I’m being snobbish, but because it makes sense:
– Not all young people need to go to University, it just doesn’t suit all people, nor does the style of rigid academic learning.
– A levels are being devalued, they are getting easier – you now need a degree just to get “good” job.
– Going to University doesn’t actually guarantee you a better job, it’s useful if you want a career in academia but not much else.
Make GCSEs and A levels actually worth something, make alternative vocational education available to those for whom University style education is/does not suit and encourage those who truly are bright to do whatever they want irrespective of their background.
End rant.