Stupid, desparate sluts

There’s an article on the BBC today about how impoverished young people can’t afford to buy condoms and so have resorted to using cling film and even crisp packets as a last resort.
I feel salt & vinegar crisp packets should now come with a warning printed on them although I would have thought the combination of the chafing and the vinegar would make for an unpleasant time. Gives a whole new meaning to “ribbed for extra pleasure”. Eugh.
As part of my civic duty, they should be reminded that condoms are available gratis from GPs and sexual health clinics, but then I guess as the article points out if they can’t even afford a bus fare, that’s probably out of the question. Perhaps if they spent less money on crack then it wouldn’t be such a problem. Ah well, the youff of today, tomorrow’s dole scum…