Dematifying and Redensifying

Apologies for the distinct lack of activity – this last week seems to have been rather busy for some reason.
My main focus of rant today is the current plethora of bullshit science in adverts for all sorted of facial concoctions, lotions and potions. These use words such as dematifying and redensifying and contain essence of cherries and other such “exotics”. The added clincher for these sorts of ads is the pseudo-scientific trial which found 55% of the 19 women who used the product found some sort of improvement in a self-evaluated questionnaire.
I feel that this is the modern day equivalent of snake oil; charging astronomic prices for little more than grease and perfume in a bottle. Surely there should be a law against this sort of thing, but maybe we shouldn’t bother protecting the stupid with far too much money at their disposal; maybe I should even get in on the act: Lomas’ patent skinjuvenating cream. Has a certain ring about it don’t you think?

2 thoughts on “Dematifying and Redensifying

  1. Where will the active ingredient for this cream be sourced from? I can think of a few examples which would be cost free ;-)

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