Democracy in action

Was walking back from the shops along Warwick Road this morning and was greeted by the sight of lots of motorcycle based policemen blocking the road off. Various things went through my mind:
– Terrorism? (stupid)
– Event at the exhibition centre? (perhaps)
– Other? (likely)
In actual fact it was a demonstration against the “Congestion Charge” being expanded into Kensington & Chelsea. I know a lot of people have stupid stickers in their car and house windows protesting against it, so I was expecting a huge mass of people. Not so! There was, in fact, maybe a hundred people (25% were in pushchairs) and a greater number of police officers.
I judge the effect of this demonstration to be virtually nil – except in really annoying and inconveniencing the residents and motorists of the area, the very people who these people are supposedly demonstrating for!
Awful, poor quality camera phone pic here.