Wondering what to get me?

As two festive occasions dawn upon us (my birthday, and that other lesser one in late December), here follows a suggestion list of what to get me – just so you don’t have any excuses:
– A rather splendid Crystal XBox with mod-chip
– A controller to use with the aforementioned
Shrek 2
– A Global carving knife (no, really!)
Grill pan, take your pick of a nice one :)
Wooden Trivets
– Pervy stuff? Try RoB or Expectations or Fettered Pleasures or MEO or…
– Any of the Eddie Izzard DVDs which I don’t have (which is most of them to be honest): Definite Article, Glorious, Dress To Kill, Unrepeatable and We Know Where You Live
I’m sure I’ll think of lots of other wonderful things as well, so I’ll add those as I think of them…
[Edit:] See, I told you I’d think of more things. I spot a theme developing…

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