Edinburgh Review

We’ve just spent the last few days up in Edinburgh – purportedly to go hot air ballooning but sadly the Scottish weather let us down. If you’re so inclined, some of the better pictures are up in the Gallery.

So therefore, I thought I’d do a little review of things to do and not to do in Edinburgh:

Whisky Tour Skip straight past that bloody castle and the thousands of tourists and go and get sloshed. It’s worth paying for the extra tasting session in the bar at the end as well. Very informative, fun and most importantly, involves Scotch eau d’vie.

Raj Restaurant on the Shore in Leith Avoid, avoid, avoid. Dreadful place which on the surface appears to be an excellent modern Indian; actually turns out to be an eye-watering backwater with surly, incompetent and forgetful staff.

Smoke Stack (Broughton Street and also in Leith) Fab staff, quite meat centric but well worth a visit. Very high quality food at pretty reasonable prices.

Sala gay cafe bar The tapas was excellent, cheap and the place was filled with pretty boyz. What more could you ask for?!

Ardmor House hotel If you’re gonna stay anywhere, stay here. Small but well decorated, it’s in a quieter part of the city but only 15-20 minutes from Broughton Street and 30 to Princes Street. Breakfast is ace.