Belkin Pre-N Router Review – Part 1b

A swift update to this problem of any form of uploading from wireless clients of the Belkin Pre-N router / wireless access point.

In summary:

  • Uploading via any protocol – HTTP, SMB, FTP etc. with a content or file size greater than 1kB hangs.
  • This is to any host, whether that be directly connected to the WAN/LAN side of the router or elsewhere on the internet.
  • Using IPSEC or PPTP VPNs do not help.

I have reported this issue to Belkin, but as yet have had no reply.  A swift Google reveals others with similar issues.

The strange behaviour with file sizes >1kB lead me to think it might be an MTU problem. Anyway, on my two problematic laptops, I used the Dr. TCP program to set the MTU to 1100 for the wireless NICs and that’s sorted it.

Well, it’s a workaround – I don’t consider the issue resolved fully until Belkin publish some working firmware that’s able to cope with the proper MTU of 1500. After all, that’s the ethernet standard.

For now, avoid Belkin router and wireless products until this issue is sorted.