TechEd Roundup

All in all, it was a great week, nice and relaxing despite the fact it was work! So, to sum up some of the most interesting bits for me:
– Some various excellent sessions on Sharepoint, mostly on successful implementation plans and disaster recovery.
– Two fabulous sessions on UNIX/Linux authentication & authorisation with Active Directory (unusual to see *NIX represented at a Microsoft conference!).
– Good news that MOM 2005 SP1 is due out in August, and that it fixes a whole host of problems including DTS jobs for reporting, and the renaming of hosts.
– Oracle products run on Windows. Who would’ve thought it!
– Windows compute cluster edition looks great, it should give all those *NIX solutions a run for their money :)
– Exchange 2003 SP2 adds a whole host of interesting mobile features: ability to wipe remote devices, policy enforcement of PINs etc. A BlackBerry killer if ever I saw one (granted, they’re features that have been copied, but they’re free!!!).
A little late, but still…

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