Puss filled purulent imbeciles

When we moved into our current house, I emailed the council and had our council tax account changed form the old house to the new. Great. They emailed back to confirm the address as it didn’t quite match what they had, but no matter, it was all sorted and I was assured the direct debit would just start up again in a month or so.

Foolish me for thinking they would do what they said they would.

Cut to me now 6 months on and my landlord emails saying he’s been asked to appear in court for non payment of council tax. He explained to them that we were the tenants, and why hadn’t they sent demands to us. Their answer: "we didn’t know where to send the bill". Now there is a large bill for council tax and (I can only imagine) a fast amount of sundry fees added by the council winging its way over.

Luckily for me, all this was conducted by email and letter, all of which I have copies of – I am going to have a calm little chat with them when they open on Tuesday…

Way to go Kensington & Chelsea Council.