Sony NW-E407 Flash MP3 Player

So, I now have a Sony MP3 player (I’ve had a cassette walkman, discman and two minidisk players from them over the years). Ordinarily I wouldn’t have bought it (despite how fabulous it looks) for various reasons, but this one came free with something.


The one thing that’s wound me up is that you have to use Sony’s poxy SonicStage software to copy files around, despite the fact that it presents itself as a mass storage device and allows you to copy files onto it – it just won’t play them.

However, there is some light at the end of the tunnel, courtesy of Sony themselves, with their little MP3 File Manager program. It installs itself onto the device and you run it from there. You can then drag and drop MP3s onto without the need for Sonic-bloat-DRM-Stage. You still can’t drag the files off it onto another computer though.

Don’t buy one despite the good looks, the utterly restrictive and pointless DRM will frustrate you.