Windows Vista Beta 2

Beta 2 was released yesterday and I’ve now had a chance to install it and have a quick play, so here are my initial thoughts and some screenshots.

The search is now fully working; in Beta 1, it would only search "user" folders. Now you can specify what to search in – you end up defining a virtual folder, so can pick and choose drivers and folders to include & exclude, as well as all manner of other query types. It’s very powerful and seriously quick.

A fair number of the games seem pretty polished (despite the <1.0 version numbers in the title bars) – Solitaire is still there as is Minesweeper. The chess game also looks pretty fantastic, with lots of nice animations.

Domain user switching is still there from Beta 1 – when Vista is in a domain, hitting Windows + L no longer locks the computer, but takes it to the logon screen where someone else can logon and then switch back to the first user. Very neat, and a godsend for IT support staff I would guess! I’ve not found the user save state feature yet that supposedly allows night time reboots for patching without punting a user off.

A quick look at the system properties shows it to be the "Ultimate" edition, just one of out 7 different flavours apparently.

Generally, it’s just a nip and a tuck across the board, but looking pretty neat. I still haven’t found a properly supported (LDDM) graphics card that’s powerful enough to display all the Aero effects yet though  

Vista Solitaire

 Purble Palace



IE7 progress bar

 Confirming unsafe actions

 Network Projectors

 System Properties

 Copying Files


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  1. Hey. Nice post, I really like the screenies. I personally just finished downloading it this morning and never thought to give the games a shot, after all, they haven’t changed in 10 years!
    Notice though that Pinball seems to have been retired…
    I have a general review of new Vista features at
    It focuses on old apps that have been redone and made part of Vista…

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