To help try and reign in my Crohn’s, tomorrow seems me start a polymeric diet. This involves having nothing but liquid "food" for 4 weeks.

Look, 8 of these a day!

They come in "fruit juice" or "milk shake" styles, annoyingly all sweet. I use inverted commas because it’s so artificial – it contains about 1.5kcal / mL (a Mars Bar has about 300kcal) and apparently is nutritionally balanced.

Stay tuned for a food critic’s review of the "flavours"…

2 thoughts on “Liquid

  1. Ouch,
    I belive you have a good chance though of it working. Studies showed that 60-83% of patients benefitted from the diet compared to 30-38% on placebo when a medical study was researched.
    Good luck

  2. Cheers :)
    I know the chances are good, and if you look it at it from the point of view of diet or nasty drugs, then the choice is a no-brainer.
    I can so far reveal that blackcurrant fortihuice for breakfast is unpleasant if drunk too quickly, and that chocolate fortisip is quite nice…

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