More the internet

According the BT checking thingummy I could soon have 8Mbps ADSL:

For Telephone Number xxxx on Exchange EARLS COURT

Your exchange will have Max ADSL broadband by 30th November 2005.

Our initial test on your line indicates that your line should be able to support a potential broadband line rate of 5Mbps up to 8Mbps.

The actual line rate supportable will be determined during the first 10 days of use, after which time the highest stable rate possible will be set.

How rather exciting – I get my ADSL through Mailbox Internet. Fingers crossed they’ll be offering the service at a reasonable price!

One thought on “More the internet

  1. Woohoo! (In a Homer Simpson voice)
    Mailbox emailed me to say that they’ll be running the trial from the end of the month and I should get around 5Mbps.

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