December in Berlin

We’ve had a really great week in Berlin, very relaxing, and lots of fun. The pleasure was hightened by the fact that it was nice and warm with working heating and hot water, which is more than can be said of the miserableness of our flat here in London (stupid broken boiler).

At least we did have snow in Berlin, so no need for fake snow flocking on our tree:

We had Christmas dinner at an exceptionally expensive restaurant (I don’t think I’ve ever spent €300 / £200 on dinner before, although a third of it did go on a single bottle of wine). Food was fabulous; all 7 courses of it.

At the other scale, we have Fritz & Co. (Currywurst and Pommes) in Wittenbergplatz which comes in at an order of magnitude less in price, but (dare I say it) just as nice!