New phone

I have a new phone, a sony ericsson W810 :)


So far, it’s pretty much identical to my old K750 (it was free), however the worst thing about it so far is the ratherodd USB interface. It has two modes – one that emulates a USB mass storage device and another that uses drivers to talk to it (so you can sync to it etc.). This is wierd in itself, but if you choose the USB mass storage mode (say, if you want to copy MP3s onto it) it disables the radio (no calls!) and reboots the phone into some odd mode where you can’t do anything.

On the plus side, I’m really loving the ambient light sensor which dims the screen and brightens the keypad dependant on the brightness. It’s quite spooky and quite fun :)

The walkman application is a bit rubbish – you can’t order by MP3 track ID for example, but it’s enough for me and my occasional music listening. Oh, the phone has a flight mode as well, but if you were flight crew, could you tell the difference?