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This is a typical “Ooooh look, I’m using Microsoft’s new Live Writer software” post. Except it’s not quite.

I found that I had a problem in using though. When I tried to add the blog in, it would detect the blog type correctly, but give me an “Invalid Login” error. Now, I now that my login definitely works, because I use it. The logs didn’t show up any failed login attempts either.

Then I found that Movable Type has a separate password for API access, which was disabled. Gah! If you have the same problem with Windows Live Writer and Movable Type, follow these instructions:

Log into Movable Type.
Click on your username in the top navigational menu to go to your profile.
Scroll down to the bottom where you see API Password.
Input a password of your choice and save. For security reasons, it should be different from your normal author password.
Use this new password in live writer.

You can get Windows Live Writer from Microsoft.

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