Office 2007 Beta 2 Tech Refresh – First Impressions

I’ve braved running Office 2007 Beta 2 as my primary mail client ever since it came out, and I’ve been looking forward to this tech refresh for a while. It has been a bit of a bumpy ride, but some of the office features (like the to-do pane and categories) have made me stick with it.

Now, I’m almost happy with B2TR. Some of things that are fixed:

– The performance and reliability are much improved. Switching folders in Outlook is pretty much instant now (as it used to be in Outlook 2003).
– A minimized ribbon stays minimized (especially welcome in Outlook new mail messages).
– When minimized, you can still gain access to the menu contents and then it hides again. Perhaps if we just renamed the ribbon menus back to File, Edit etc. I’d be totally happy :)
– Double clicking the “Office” button (top left) closes the window.
– Fluffier look and feel.

Now, if only the Exchange monkeys at work would run up a couple of Exchange 2007 servers… :)