Talk Talk arseholes

I just got cold called by someone from Talk Talk broadband trying to flog me ADSL. My home number has been on the the TPS for well over a year which legally requires companies not to make marketing calls to me. It takes a maximum of 28 days for it to take effect, and I’ve never had one until tonight.

What’s made me particularly angry is that I queried why I was being called as my number is on the TPS. The lady on the phone demanded to know what my "registration number" was and they’d then stop calling me.

I stated that this wasn’t how the TPS worked to which the lady said that without a "registration number" she didn’t believe that I was on a do not call list. I was particularly angry at this remark and demanded to speak to her supervisor. She then hung up.

 Arseholes. Thank $deity for online complaints forms