Windows Home Server

I’m on the beta of home server, which is supposed to act as a central media storage hub that grows with you, gives remote access and stuff – perfect.

I’ve just been through the setup and despite the fact that it has a Vista-esque backdrop to start with it soon turns into the familiar server 2003 setup GUI. Then it rebooted into DOS text mode setup titled "windows 2003 small business server". Make your mind up!

Installation did take a fair while and I lost track of the number of times it restarted, but it did eventually get there.

All in all it’s pretty decent and I love the remote access stuff. It certainly needs some polishing, but the community seems good so I hope it’ll be a good product in the end.

I now need to decide whether to carry on running it – if I do, then I need to get some new cooling kit for my PC as it all sounds like a jet engine at the moment…