Nike+ Sportband Problems

It’ll teach me to be an early adopter but I’ve had nothing but troubles with my Nike+ Sportband since I bought one a few months back.

My first one suffered a "bleeding" crystal display:


I sent this back to Sweatshop and they sent me a new one. A week ago, lo and behold, the bleeding display was back. I dropped them a quick mail and they replied saying that there was a known issue with the very first batch of devices and would I like another one or my money back.

So, I’ve gone for third time lucky! I can’t say enough how good Sweatshop have been in sorting all this out.

The Nike+ utility also seemed to have difficulty in realising that not everyone used Pacific Time on their computers, which meant the time on the device was always -8 hours out. v1.1 seems to have fixed this though.

I’ve heard some other complaints about the calibration not working, but I’ve not had much trouble with that.

Anyway, I shall hold onto my wallet next time :)