O2 voicemail improvements

O2 have just told me through our corporate provider that they’ve made some changes to the 901 voicemail service. In particular, you can now have the voicemail notification flag set on your phone, rather than a text or phone call.

I remember having this on Orange years back and it was really neat. I’ve just enabled it on both my work and personal phones and it works a treat.

Here’s the full list of updates:

• Time and date after each message: You can choose to have the time and date that your messages were received played after each message
• On-screen voicemail notification: You can choose to be notified with the on-screen Voicemail symbol and screen text when you receive a new message
• Mailbox full notification: You will now be notified with a text when your voicemail box is full
• Simplified call return feature: All you need to do is press 5 and you’ll be connected. (Previously you had to press three keys.)
• Re-record: Callers who are diverted to voicemail will be offered the option to listen to and re-record their message
• Temporary greeting: You can now record a temporary greeting and like email you’ll be asked if you want to switch it off when you access voicemail