WinTV Nova-T USB2 and Vista

I posted a while back about the troubles I’d been having with my Hauppauge DVB TV card. Hauppuage don’t have any drivers that work with hyperthreaded and dual core CPUs; Vista will blue screen shortly after starting to use the TV card.

The Microsoft supplied drivers that get installed from Windows Update when you plug the card in are reliable but non functional (they tune the channels 1mHz out).

There is a workaround though!

In the registry, search for the string "Hauppauge Nova-USB2-T DVB-T Adapter" under HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet.

You should find an entry similar to the screenshot below in the classes.

Under one of the values (mine was 008, but yours could be 007 or similar), there’ll be two subkeys, "Capabilities" and "DriverData".

In "DriverData" create two new DWORDs, with these decimal values:

– TunerRemap = 0
– UseFreqOffsetDVBT = 167

You’ll probably need to restart and may even need to rescan the channels in Media Center (although I didn’t need to).

The drivers do vaguely work, mine suffer from a bit of stutter, crackly audio and don’t survive a sleep. But hey :) One last thing, these instructions only apply to the Microsoft/Windows Update supplied driver. You’ll need to clean off any Hauppuage ones if you’ve installed them.

2 thoughts on “WinTV Nova-T USB2 and Vista

  1. I need a driver softwar for my win tv Nova T USB2 I lost my cd for that and I want to use with win Vista.
    If you have an idea pleas help me.
    Thank you so much

  2. If you’re using an edition of Vista with media centre in it (why wouldn’y you be :) ) then it actually comes with all the drivers built in – just plug & go.
    Otherwise I believe all the bits are available from

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